Keep Your Hair Color Healthy All Summer Long

How To Keep Your Hair Color Healthy All Summer Long

We all want to live our best carefree lives in the summer. But, as much as we love the sun, lounging at the pool, and saltwater beach waves, it’s true that this season can also wreak havoc on our gorgeous locks. But don’t worry; by following a few tips from the pros at Menagerie Style House, you’ll be able to keep that color you love radiant all summer long.

1. Give the sun some shade!

Your skin isn’t the only thing damaged by UV rays - hair is just as susceptible to sun damage. Luckily, there are products that work just like sunscreen, filtering out UV rays so your color doesn’t fade and your strands don’t fry up in the heat! And if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, then take the opportunity to invest in some cute hats. Wide-brim beach hat, anyone?

2. Post-Swim hair care

Who doesn’t love taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day? However, chlorine and even saltwater aren’t your hair’s BFF. The best defense against this is using a leave-in conditioner before a swim (hydrated strands won’t soak up as much water!) and rinsing your hair to get all the chemicals out after a swim. Bonus tip - don’t forget to use our favorite purple toning shampoo and conditioner, the Bright Blonde line from Oribe. It’s gentle enough for daily use for those who want to keep their blonde locks light and bright!

3. Always stay hydrated!

We aren’t just talking about keeping that water bottle full on hot days, but keeping your hair hydrated too! This season is the perfect time to swap your shampoo and conditioner for something extra moisturizing. Of course, it never hurts to kick your moisture routine up a notch, adding the leave-in conditioner to your regime. We can’t say enough good things about the Beautiful Color line from Oribe. They offer masques and glazes that hydrate your hair from root to tip, meaning your hair color will stay vibrant and shiny longer, and that’s what we are all about.

4. Wash less often

1 Okay, we know this one can be hard. Especially when the summer heat brings sweaty, messy days! But, hear us out. Washing less often keeps your hair hydrated and the color protected. Think of it as a chance to try that new hair wrap or rock those three-day-old beach waves. Your hair will thank you. And when you do wash, we love Aveda’s newly formulated Color Control Line (formerly known as Color Conserve). The shampoo and conditioner gently clean while preserving color!

5. Avoid added heat

Girl, it’s already hot enough. Between the humidity, the sun, and the sweat that is inevitable during the summer, it’s the season to give your hair a break. Using hot tools less often will prolong your color, but so will less hot water. Always rinse your hair with cool water; this seals the cuticles, protects the outer layer, and can help preserve the shine!

As always, ensure the products you're using on your hair are specifically formulated for color-treated hair. You took the time and made the investment to get the gorgeous color you’re rocking, and we want you to have the best summer hair you can have!

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