Get Rid Of Those Grey Hairs

Color Correcting With Grey Coverage

Bye, Bye, Greys!

When it comes to something as important as your hair, it's best to leave coloring to the professionals. Menagerie Style House in Raleigh, North Carolina, offers professional grey coverage correction to keep your hair looking natural and youthful! To schedule your next reservation with us, call (919) 803-7144 or book online! We look forward to seeing you soon at 2409 Crabtree Boulevard #120!

Here’s the scoop on what we offer:

1. All-Over Color: This is your classic move. We give your whole head a color refresh, making sure those greys are on the same page as the rest of your hair.

2. Highlights / Balayage or Lowlights: Fancy some dimension? We strategically add highlights or lowlights to create depth and texture, distracting the eye from those little greys.

3. Root Touch-Up: Short on time? We’ve got your new growth covered--literally. Quick and efficient, just like that.

4. Demi-Permanent Color: If you’re into low commitment, this is your jam. It enhances your natural color, giving it a bit more oomph without going all-in.

We’re all about making your grey hair look amazing, while keeping it super “you.” Our stylists will walk you through the options, considering what suits your hair best and your personal style. Whether you’re up for a big change or just a subtle tweak, our Grey Coverage services are here to let you rock your greys in the most fabulous way! Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more or to schedule your next reservation online! You can find us at 2409 Crabtree Boulevard #120.

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