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Menagerie Style House can help! Our luxury hair salon, in Raleigh, North Carolina, offers organic KeraGreen keratin hair treatments to reduce frizz, restore luster, and refine texture on all hair types. Enjoy noticeably softer and silkier hair with added life, shine, and vibrancy!

Experience the KeraGreen difference--our commitment to your well-being and hair health is paramount. We proudly utilize the KeraGreen Keratin & Protein Hair System, a revolutionary solution that’s not only dedicated to transforming your hair but also safeguarding your health. What sets Organic KeraGreen Kertatin treatments apart is its formaldehyde/paraben/ammonia-free formula, ensuring that your hair journey is as safe as it is stunning. Our products are safe for color-treated hair, curly hair, fine hair, and every combination in-between. Our organic keratin treatments help you leave looking your best! With us, you can embrace smoother, more radiant hair without compromising on your health or comfort.

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What are Keratin Treatments?

Our keratin treatment is a safe and organic chemical process that smooths and shines frizzy hair. Keragreen has been designed as a gentle and natural way to rejuvenate and revive hair. This treatment also provides UV protection, L-Cystine amino-acids to fight hair loss, and rich vitamins vitality.

Unlike many other keratin treatments on the market, formaldehyde-free KeraGeen is a comprehensive solution with the utmost respect for the health, wellness, and vitality of both hairdressers and their guests. Results can last anywhere from six weeks up to six months, and guests are able to book Mini Treatments in the interim to promote longevity without the Full Treatment price tag. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more or to schedule your next KeraGreen keratin treatment! You can find us at 2409 Crabtree Boulevard #120.