The Ultimate Hairbrush + Healthy Brushing Guide

The Ultimate Hairbrush Guide; Brushing Your Hair in a Healthy Way

When it comes to looking beautiful and elegant, many of us fall for the hype that clothes and shoes are the most important components of our beauty profile. But is that really the case? Of course not! While a Queen’s garments may be made of the finest fabrics, the golden crown sitting on her head is always the centerpiece of attention. In the same way, your hair is your golden crown and so it must always look gorgeous and glorious. Besides using only the best hair products to keep it fresh, lush, and revitalized, you must also pay keen attention on how you clean it, brush it, and maintain it by protecting it from all harm.

Benefits of brushing your hair in a healthy way

And while we have just mentioned several actions that help to maintain your hair, you may be wondering: Why are we only focusing on brushing hair in a healthy way today? And well, our answer is this: Brushing hair in a healthy way has several great advantages that you would undoubtedly love to enjoy. Some of these benefits are; 1. Removal of loose hair 2. Improving scalp health 3. Revitalizing your hair by stimulating the production of natural oils With hair health being such an essential part of your overall beauty profile, it is therefore important to know how to brush your hair in a healthy way. The following are some surefire tips for brushing your hair well and not losing out on the flair and pomp that comes with having an elegant, well kempt crown on your head. Let’s dive in!

1. Be gentle!

Okay, we know this may not seem like the most complicated thing to do. However, when it comes to brushing your hair in a healthy way, it is the one RULE that you must always abide by. Avoid brushing your hair roughly because it increases hair breakage and undermines hair health as it can hurt your scalp and compromise growth. Therefore, always be gentle when brushing your hair to get the best results.

2. Use a High Quality Hair Brush

Well, well, well. This is not us trying to cunningly develop suspense here by making you wait for the REAL REAL tips. No. The fact of the matter is that the small guidelines we often ignore are what keep us from having lush, healthy hair. Choosing a high quality hairbrush is important to brushing in a healthy way. A quality hairbrush is strong enough to help you detangle tough knots but also smooth in a way that prevents hair breakage. Therefore, always go for the highest quality hairbrush.

3. Brush your hair from the bottom going upwards

Okay, we are finally here folks! Make sure that when you are brushing your hair, you always begin from the bottom going upwards. This applies to both dry and wet hair. The reason is when you begin brushing your hair from the roots, you increase hair breakage and consequently hair loss. Therefore, gently begin by brushing your hair from its lower ends. Detangle it slowly and once you are done with one section, move higher up the length of your hair and brush gently until it is perfectly lined without tangles and knots.

4. Use a hair detangler or leave-in conditioner

Depending on your hair type and whether your hair is wet or dry, you may have soft or tough tangles and knots. Knots can be caused by loose strands of hair being trapped or by your hair rubbing against surfaces like beddings and towels. Therefore, if you feel like the knots and tangles in your hair are very tough, use detangling spray or leave-in conditioner. This products will lubricate your hair and make it easier to brush it in a healthy way that causes no breakages.

5. Remember, Less is More!

Welcome to the healthy hair paradox! This should not in any way confuse you but when it really comes down to it, less is indeed more in the healthy brushing of hair. This fact has even been scientifically proven. The explanation behind this is that frequently brushing your hair does nothing to make it finer and more lined. Rather, brushing your hair unnecessarily often leads to an increase in the rate of hair shed. This reduces your hair volume and also undermines scalp health by causing irritation.

Pay Attention to Your Hairbrush

And while the technique you use is the most crucial factor in brushing your hair in a healthy way, it is vital to also mind the state of your hairbrush. What we mean is that just like any other tool, your hairbrush must be properly maintained for you to have the best healthy hair outcomes. Therefore, always clean your hairbrush frequently. This helps to remove accumulated debris and ensure that you do not brush it back into your hair (can you picture how unappealing that is?). It also makes sure your hairbrush is more effective in detangling tangled hair and removing knots.


Therefore, the above are several simple but effective tips of how to brush your hair in a healthy way. Always pay attention to them and you will enjoy healthier, neater, and more revitalized hair that will be a beauty to behold. Remember, always keep it gorgeous and glorious! Cause while you may not walk around with gold on your head, it does not mean that you don’t have a crown to maintain. Bonne chance!

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