Rosa Rojas

Level 2 Stylist | Keratin Specialist

How are you today?

I’m Rosalia and I’m thrilled to share a glimpse into my incredible my hairdressing life

It all began with my extraordinary Aunt in the Dominican Republic. She’s been a hairstylist for over four incredible decades and has never lost her passion for making people feel beautiful and confident. I grew up witnessing the joy of making others happy and revealing their inner beauty. It’s fascinating how a simple transformation can change one’s perspective, and the psychology behind it has always intrigued me.

My roots trace back to the Dominican Republic. That’s where my journey into hairstyling began, and I’ve been perfecting my craft for an amazing three decades. I attended the esteemed Miss Key Academy in the Dominican Republic.

When it comes to my favorite service, well, I enjoy every facet of hairstyling. It’s a vast and ever-evolving field, and I thrive on learning new things. However, I’ve specialized in keratin treatments and various hair relaxers, along with mastering advanced cutting techniques, styling, hair coloring, and color correction. But my thirst for knowledge keeps me on a constant journey of improvement.

Now, let me share a lighter moment from my hairstyling odyssey. Picture me learning to do men’s haircuts, my first model being a neighbor. As I neared the finishing touches with the edger around his face, he suddenly turned to look at me, and whoops, part of his eyebrow got a trim too! We couldn’t stop laughing for days.

Values have played a significant role in shaping my career, and I owe a great deal of it to my parents. Every person I’ve crossed paths with, including my children, has left an indelible mark on me, both professionally and personally. The magic of connecting with clients on a personal level lies in making them feel happy, beautiful, and confident. It’s that simple yet profound joy that drives me.

In the ever-evolving world of hair fashion, staying updated and inspired is a must. I keep my eye on the overall fashion industry in Milan and follow different top icons in the hair industry for education. But I also believe we can learn something valuable from everyone. When a complex hair challenge arises, I embrace it as an opportunity to evolve and learn. Challenges are the stepping stones to growth.The most valuable lesson I’ve imbibed over the years is that learning never ceases. It’s a lifelong journey.Haircare isn’t just about looking good; it’s a journey of self-care and self-expression. Caring for our hair is part of learning self-care, which is vital for building confidence. Customizing my services to cater to each client’s unique needs and preferences is a craft in itself. It all begins with a thoughtful consultation. Well, every day I’m privileged to make someone feel their best is a milestone in itself.

Beyond hairstyling, I find passion in the world of fine arts, particularly painting and interior design. Architecture captivates me, and I find solace in horseback riding. My eclectic taste in music. While I love all genres, I’m particularly selective about artists. Jazz and opera hold a special place in my heart. Aunt Oneida has been my guiding light and role model throughout my journey. She’s shown me the path to excellence in this field.

 I’m here to craft a hairstyling experience that’s nothing short of luxurious. With three decades of expertise, I’m your guide to beauty, confidence, and the finer art of self-expression. Step into my world of transformation, where every appointment is a journey to rediscover your most exquisite self. '