Mieke Kammers

Level 4 Stylist

Hi Friend!

I’m Mieke Kammers, my hairstyling career started long before I set foot in a salon. I was the go-to friend for dance hair and the unofficial braider on soccer and basketball buses. My love for hairstyling stems from the pure creativity it allows me to tap into.

While I’m not originally from North Carolina, I’m a proud Michigander at heart, and I do miss it dearly. I’ve been doing hair and educating hair stylists for an incredible 21 years. My journey began in Michigan at Alpena High School.

My guiding principle behind the chair is that it’s all about the guest. From the moment they step in until they leave, they have my undivided attention. I feel truly fortunate that someone chooses to be in my chair, and I want them to feel pampered.One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is witnessing the transformations. When someone comes in feeling less than great about themselves and leaves radiating confidence after a fresh look, that’s what it’s all about. Connecting with guests on a personal level is another treasured aspect of my work. I get so excited hearing about new books, restaurants, vacations, and their families.

As for my favorite service, I must confess, I love them all! Whether it’s crafting a fabulous lived-in color or perfectly styling a curly cut, I thrive on variety, it keeps me on my toes. Staying updated and inspired in the ever-evolving world of hair is a top priority. I invest in online education, attend in-person classes, and frequent hair shows to keep my skills sharp.

When faced with a challenge, I firmly believe in the power of teamwork. There’s no “I” in our salon, and I know I can turn to my teammates to bounce ideas around. It’s a supportive environment that encourages growth. A significant influence on my career was a boss from Michigan named Jeffery, who taught me the true meaning of the guest experience. His lessons on taking care of someone have stuck with me. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that I have the power to change someone’s day and outlook. I can make it better or worse, so I always strive to step it up.

Customizing services is a breeze for me. Through a thorough consultation, I can pinpoint exactly what my guest needs. I firmly believe in asking questions, even if it’s a whopping 50 of them. When it comes to styling your hair, my trusty allies are Aveda Botanical Repair Styling Cream and a good round brush.

Reaching the milestone of 20 years in the industry while still looking forward to going to work is pretty awesome. Additionally, being back in an educator role has added a whole new layer of fulfillment to my career.

Beyond hairstyling, my passions include diving into a good book, experimenting in the kitchen, tending to my garden, and cheering for my boys at their sports events.I’m an avid fan of noodle bowls and nachos. My music taste leans towards Led Zeppelin and singer-songwriter folk, blues, and rock, with a soft spot for ’90s and early 2000s hip-hop. I’m also a history buff, particularly when it comes to World War II. I once considered becoming a high school history teacher!

Let's hang out! I would love to trade recipes and treat you to one of my famous shampoo scalp massages!