Korina Baldwin

Level 1 Stylist

Howdy, Partner!

I’m Korina, and I’m all about creating beauty and boosting confidence, one hairstyle at a time. Originally hailing from Ossining, New York, I brought my passion for hairstyling to the vibrant scene in North Carolina.

I’ve been working my magic behind the chair for two exciting years after graduating from Alamance Community College in Burlington. Starting my hair school journey when the world was going through the ups and downs of Covid was a bit stressful, but every second has been worth it.

What lights up my stylist soul? Layers and colors all day! There’s something incredibly satisfying about crafting the perfect layers and bringing a burst of color to my guest's lives.

Behind the chair, I’m all about instilling love and appreciation for one’s hair. Helping my guests embrace their natural beauty and leaving the salon with a boost in confidence is my favorite way to treat the people who visit me in the salon.

Connecting with guests on a personal level is where the real magic happens. It’s all about those good vibes - creating an atmosphere that’s fun and effortless. For me, hair care isn’t just about looks; it’s about making guests feel like their hair is healthy and bringing out their best features. My hairstyling arsenal wouldn’t be complete without the trusty Oribe humidity spray. It’s a game-changer, especially when it comes to taming frizz.

Whether it’s scouting new trends online or simply being out and about, inspiration is everywhere. Customization is my jam. I pay close attention to every detail of what my guests want and ensure they have the right products for maintenance.

Listening to my guests, understanding their likes and dislikes, and working together to achieve their hair goals is key. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my hairstyling journey is the power of a thorough consultation. Understanding a guest’s hair history and their preferences is essential to delivering fantastic results.

I’m all about being the best version of myself. My priorities for the upcoming year are taking on more guests, embarking on exciting color projects, and setting goals to keep things fresh and exciting

Beyond hairstyling, you’ll often find me diving into mysteries or psychology books. Reading is a passion that keeps my mind sharp and my creativity flowing. Surprising fact: I’m into rock music, particularly the early 2000s vibe. It’s my go-to when I need a bit of extra energy in the salon.

One of my personal milestones? Growing more confident with each new face that sits in my chair. So, if you’re ready to rock a new look and boost your confidence, I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome you to my chair!