Kiki Palcowski

Owner | Level 4 Stylist


I’m Kiki, and I’ve got a thing for Lived-In Color!

My journey as a hairstylist has been going strong for 16 years. It all began at the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill, NC. Then, I took a detour to NYC for four years, diving into an apprenticeship and soaking up life in Brooklyn..

After that, I headed back to Raleigh and spent another six years growing my skillset. But, honestly, I’m not one to stay put. So, in November 2020, Menagerie Style House was born.

Being a salon owner means I get to blend my love for hairstyling, creating memorable moments, and being a part of a strong team into an amazing mix. Menagerie isn’t your regular salon - it’s a whole vibe where you walk in feeling welcomed and step out feeling confident. Being an active part of my community is essential to me, as I’m dedicated to making a positive impact through my salon and beyond

Effortlessly gorgeous hair - that’s the lived-in color trend that’s got me hooked. Whether you’re after that low-key sun-kissed blonde or you’re a brunette looking for some bold dimension, I’m here to give your hair the love it deserves.

Learning is an ongoing adventure for me, which means you’ll always catch me learning the newest techniques and sharing what I learn with our team.

When I’m not working inside the salon, you’ll find me living life to the fullest with my husband, Michael. My three loyal basset hound pals, Winston, Dolly, and Ruby, are my partners in crime, adding extra love to my whole life. Traveling is a serious passion of mine, and I’ve got a soft spot for hitting up F1 races - the thrill of the track gets me every time. Yoga is my zen, a perfect way to unwind from the buzz of the day. And hey, I’m a huge Hurricanes fan. Curious about my top Canes player? Just ask - I’ve got plenty of stories to share!

Ready to bring that Lived-In Color goodness to your hair? Let’s hang out at Menagerie and give your hair a little extra love.