Hair Color Trends for 2022

While it may not be the first day after the turn of the year, 2022 is still very ripe. Therefore, it is still a very good time to set out some fun and edgy resolutions for your glitz and glam. And where best to start than with the natural crown you have on your head? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Your hair! Your hair deserves to always been in tiptop form as it is not just a bunch of fibrous, overgrown keratin. Rather, it is a prominent part of your body and your face that contributes to your overall beauty profile. Your hair is also a very significant indicator of your personality. People can make an impression of who you are an as individual just by the way your hair looks!

Keeping your hair suave and stylish

Now that you understand just how important that mass of thready stuff on your head is, don’t you think it’s time to get some tips of how to make it look as fly as the rest of your body?(*wink wink*). And while we know a lot about how to keep your hair looking awesome, today we will give you suggestions based on color. You don’t want to have all that sauce at once now, do you? The following are some hair color trends for 2022 that you would love to jump on to elevate your style and beauty profile with:

1. Rich Chocolate Hair

2022 is the year of elevating and bossing up. And what better way to do this than by going for the rich, luxuriant chocolate color for your hair this time? Just like a real chocolate bar, chocolate hair has a solid, elegant aura around it that can fit you in a variety of contexts from formal ones to humorous, light-hearted vibes. Either way, it is a great hair color that will suit you perfectly especially if you have a warm and light skin complexion.

2. Classic Brunette

However experimental and innovative we try to get with hair color, there is no arguing that brunette was, is, and will always be here to stay. Whether you represent the laid-back homebody, adventurous cutie, or the classic corporate boss lady, brunette hair will always have your back, like literally. So brunette is definitely one of the hair color trends of 2022 that will still have serious traction and that you can confidently get in onto.

3. Warm + Light Brown Hair

See how rich, elegant, and solid chocolate is? Well then, combine a lighter hue of that hair and merge it with a self-effacing personality that wants to be subtle in its elegance. There you have it. This color is perfect for a sunny afternoon laid back in a palm shade on the shores of a tropical ocean. It has a light-hearted feel to it that is both not too rigid and not too reckless as well. Just a cute, gentle balance between the two.

4. Brunette hair with a Splash of Auburn Tones

This particular color profile is slightly similar to the black-copper blend (mentioned later in the article) with the only difference being that the brownish hues are more dominant than the apparent blacker tones. It is perfect for achieving an elegant and mature look, the “I’m here as the boss type” of look. Get it?

Cut/Color by Mieke Kammers / Master Stylist

5. Spiced Caramel

For this of you that like grey coverage, this hair color is like a silky cocktail of copper blended with rich chocolate and peppered with single strands of ash-grey hair. It is a mature color profile whose delicately balanced qualities can go well for both those with warm and cool skin complexions without creating a saturated contrast. Are you that pretty lady who’s just beginning to mature out of juvenility but still too young to go all out rich-chocolate or solid black? Then go for this. Like Cupid, you won’t miss.

6. Blonde Pearly-Toned

Ever marveled at the regal and elegant appearance of your Mom’s pearls? Well then, this particular hair color is a chance for you to inject a little bit of that elegant magic into your hair. A perfect balance of white and brownish-grey hair, this color fits all seasons and has a calm but edgy feel to it that will have you raise a few eyebrows to check out your flair. 

Cut/Color by Mieke Kammers / Master Stylist

7. Blonde with Ashy Tones

While it may closely resemble the pearly-blonde color profile, this particular blonde has a more dominant touch of silverish-grey tones that make it a lean more towards a subdued, sandy hue. It is perfect for a bold, edgy personality that represents an adventurous spirit with a level-headed approach towards life. It can fit in well anywhere from a corner office to a motorbike racecourse in a dusty desert. Edgy, remember? 

Cut/Color by Mandy Windham / Master Stylist

8. Classic black with Tones of Caramel

Just like brunette, black is just that hair color that will always continue to be in style regardless of just how fashionable luminous blonde hair gets. #sorrynotorry. Infused with subtle touches of yellowish-brown, this particular color code portrays a certain sensuality and feminine appeal that will definitely earn you several mushy, puppy eyes from admirers you just won’t be able to resist your charm. Shall, we?

9. Light Brunette

This is a subdued, lighter hue of brunette that is fairly vibrant enough to turn eyes as well as fit both formal and informal settings in a delicate act of balance that is hard to achieve with other hair color profiles. This color perfectly embodies the spirit of the sharp, stylish dresser that loves to have a solid hair color that is still outstanding enough to say “Hey! I’m the one, yeah.”

Cut/Color by Mandy Windham / Master Stylist

Infuse some color into your year!

If you are a bold and vibrant person then there is no doubt that you would do well with some more colorful hair choices this year. All you have to do is ensure that you choose a color that complements your complexion, matches your character, and blends well with your individual sense of fashion. This will not only help you to be more elegant and stylish this year. Rather, it will have an overall effect on your vibes and mood too! You will have a more infectious aura and people just won’t understand what it is about you that keeps drawing them in! Are you ready for the ride? Well then, have a colorful year!

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