Highlighting Hair: Balayage Vs Foils

Two Ways to Highlight Hair: Balyage & Foils

Curious about what it takes to achieve great hair highlighting? Step behind the chair with us as we explain hair highlighting from our perspective! Plop! That’s the sound of a guest sitting down in our styling chair just before they ask us for highlights. At Menagerie Style House in Raleigh, NC, we know that there’s more than one way to achieve a sun-kissed look. So when someone tells us they want highlights, we have to ask a few questions to determine what technique would be best to give the guest’s desired look.

Do You Want a Lived-In Look?

One popular hair highlighting technique is balayage. Say it with us, baa-luh-yaazh! With this trendy method, our stylist paints on the color with masterful artistic intention. Placing the color in just the right spots will provide a natural highlighted effect out of the gate. Over the weeks, your color will look appropriately lived-in, with no harsh lines from growing out.

Do You Want to Make a Statement?

It’s not to say that balayage isn’t a statement, but using that technique isn’t always the best way to give the type of results our guests are looking for. If you want a full highlighting effect, doing full foils might be your best bet. Foiling techniques allow our stylists more precision with placement. We can do face-framing foils to concentrate the color around your face for a natural, sun-kissed look. We can also do partial or full foils depending on the level of lightening you’re after.

Schedule a Consultation With Us!

It can be hard to decide on your own which hair highlighting technique is right for you. That decision can be easily left up to our expert stylists at Menagerie Style House! Schedule a consultation with our salon in Raleigh, North Carolina, and one of our highly-trained color specialists can take a look at your starting hair color and discuss your goals to determine which route will get you to your ideal destination. We love a good highlight and will always do what’s right for our guests to give them the best results!